They scratch on sofas and mattresses, sharpening their nails,

They peep out of empty cartons, and are playful with bales.

They perch on the topmost point of your house, 
calling outsiders, asking them to be spotted. 
They stretch out their paws to little children,
adoringly wanting them to be friends.
They are Banks and Sansa, my two four year old kittens.
The kind hearted creatures 
with gentle souls and intelligent eyes,
are peaceful souls with The Buddha highs.
These enchanting beings go about the house, busy as bumble bees,

eagerly looking for freebies.
Their food tray must be full, they announce,
a portion gone, and there you’ll see them trounce.
They come and squat close to you affectionately, asking for nothing 
just being a friend eloquently.
They are sprightly too,
and run around the house,
playing catch em catch,
with the butt-wiggle and pounce mode,
proudly announcing the cat family code.  
Banks, the family cat, and Sansa, the touch-me-not,
are attractive, dreamy, delightful cats,
and I wish them well.
They have found a new home, 

of animal lovers, and I pray that they find their paradise.