We were blindfolded and were being taken away from the location. “Move it!” Hook pushed me hard on my back. “Greasy! tell Hook ‘t speed it up! Me hears tires rollin’ up! Quick!” Yelled Tootsie. Wonder what their actual names were. What zany pet names!

“Stop pushing me”, mumbled my friend Greg. We were shoved into a truck and off it hammered on to an unknown destination.Wonder how we got ourselves tossed in this mess. Seemed like some mean old part of town or even further away. We had no knowledge of either the place or time or even the people who seemed to have taken over from Ravin, the liquor baron. Blindfolded, hands tied and thankfully not gagged, it seemed like tough luck had befallen.

Greg knew Ravin, who tricked them up here. He knew him as an uncle who visited them often and showered Greg with gifts and goodies. He had a rough childhood, of which I was totally unaware when I had met him in the pub two years ago, on new years eve. He grew up in a foster home, where his father was a small-time bootlegger. All kinds of people frequented their house. His mother, who loved him so, was given to drugs and did not survive beyond his tenth birthday. The only person who actually did care was his old granny, who actually treated him as her own. She insisted on him continuing with his studies, and to become proficient in any one trade. He studied law and became a government attorney specialising in criminal cases. His granny was no more alive but he was forever indebted towards her, for every success, every accomplishment he attained.

Perhaps Greg’s interest and interference in the murder committed at the seaside two weeks ago had something to do with this abduction. It was a high-profile case, as the daughter of a leading industrialist was found murdered, ruthlessly shot a number of times.

” Do not dabble in this murky affair son, drop this assignment” was what his father suggested one evening over a drink. He probably knew Greg was going to act on his own instincts. All this Greg told me that day we met after many days. We were comfortably lounging in the coffee shop when Raven arrived and took Greg aside for a chat. Who knew this was to be their fate.

The truck froze into a halt. We were holding hands and now our bodies tensed, Greg unwove his fingers. Silent prayer on my lips, I just wished this would not escalate into anything huge. Mercilessly we were pushed around till we reached some brightly lit place, even through the dark cloth I could feel the shining bright lights. They undid the cloth over our eyes. Standing in front of us was a young lady in jeans and a loose top. Her brown hair open, big kohled eyes. Except for her mouth that looked mean and treacherous, she could be called a smart, beautiful woman. Next to her, looking idiotic and bent was Greg’s father. Foster parent, I thought. After the brief preliminary talk, I was taken to another room and locked in.

They probably were arguing, as all I could hear was loud voices. I did not feel good about this. There seemed to be a kind of virulence about the whole atmosphere. I was questioned about my proximity to Greg. We were to be married soon. And then I heard a gunshot piercing through the cold dark night and as though my heart suffered a bloody jab, the pain numbing my senses, I fell unconscious. “There goes master Greg” was the last I heard from Tootsie.

My heart broke our promises of living a life together shattered.

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