The pinks are flocking together and the pretty white zinnia stands out. It’s taller and probably feels different. Is that true of flowers too? Sometimes maybe? But talking about the white zinnia wanting to emerge as a distinct identity, standing away from its friends is not what I wanted to say here. I am indeed thrilled with the feeling flora brings to me. They please my soul and make me calmer. I never cease to marvel at the aura of peace they generate within me. They survive in the ambience you create for them. They show you how healthy or unhealthy they grow up to be, as per the nurturing you do. You sow the seeds and they emerge one by one, surviving the sun, rain, breeze, any onslaught that nature decides to embark upon it. Its masters, too, may show the love and care or may just choose to ignore them, watering them indifferently. They live in the same ambience as us, they choose to smile at us with all their beauty and all the life they have in them. Flowers harmonise the environment.Some flowers emanate such sweet fragrance that it actually soothes your nerves. No wonder the phrase “flower power” !       fullsizerender

2 thoughts on “The Aura

  1. Such beauty in words…….One can almost imagine you sitting close to your flowers….soaking in the aura…..the comparison with life itself is suggested too…..Loved it…. Cheers Varnika….Way to go…


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