I will complete it, someday, and the date passes. Procrastination is what I am talking about. Seems like an illness, that needs immediate correction. What is in the mind of the procrastinator?  Looking into my own psyche, I think I just lack the will to sit down on time and complete my work, despite it taking some serious cogitation in my head. I must know the deadline, and I will promptly sit down to do my work, so close to the deadline that there is panic, neglect and oversight and thoughtlessness that gets mixed up with all that I need to do, now even though I was to ace it. It could be submitting report cards, reports, assignments, anchoring a programme, reaching somewhere on time, whatever.

It’s a disease, jeered about, ridiculed, scoffed, and of course, some procrastinators proudly proclaim about this syndrome that at times like a virus it spreads into some weaklings system too. Guys, a word of advice, stay away from procrastinators! The malaise will eat you up! Stay on time, as you always did, for everything.

Idling about on something that you need to complete is nothing to be proud of. My heart cries while I write this, this soliloquy might help me. After a month and a half into the new year, I finally know that it isn’t the weight issues that I need to be resolute about, let them go where they are going, it’s the habit of procrastination, of puttering around with my work, that has more gravity in determining the personality of any human. Discipline is important. Just beat that feel of “I will sit down and complete my work..” ” someday..”

And someone said that there is a PRO in procrastination. Really? You must be joking! Its a sin will lead you to sorrow and make you miserable.

One other thing  I have noticed about people who dilly-dally with their work at hand is that they find other matters of concern suddenly. Oh and that reminds me, I gotta go and complete my assignment! Bury that impulse to hem and haw over your work. Just do it! Get mindful! Focus!


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