The lousiest of the days that you can ever think of are the ones that you have been embarrassed by something or someone. You know, when you somehow manage to text love notes to your friend instead of your secret lover. Ugh! You could create an unnecessary scene between your best friend and you who will surely expound to you in detail about what friendship means. And you really don’t know what to say. You would have surely thrown light on the matter when you felt it right.Right? But you went all out to mess it up by this absurdly irrelevant act.

College days can be full of such incongruous acts. The preposterously crazy moments in the teenage years when you would rather keep your mouth shut than to speak something irrelevant and then regret. You clearly know that moment when you say a word which would have two meanings and the class bursts out laughing and you at that time have not been educated about the play of its dual meaning and do not have a clue why they laughed. Or when you say “he was happy and gay”, there you go! the word gay has created some nitwits to snigger. Or when you are told to read out “The Owl and the Pussy-Cat” by Edward lear. You just wish that flaming red blush on your cheeks would vanish, somehow.

Your mind goes blank and you literally squirm in pain when you realise that the joke that you have found so funny, and when you get down to relating it, it  has not made anyone else laugh. You would rather jump out the window and divert their attention from the sadness of the joke not understood. How do you recover from such a moment? crack another joke right away? or then start to explain what was funny in it!! oh the unease of the moment!

And that moment when you, in all your innocence, are joyfully walking up to a group of dear friends and they suddenly stop all their chatter? Ah! But is that embarrassment? hurt? Don’t know where to look moment? Or what? A tricky situation where you wonder if you think that they are a group of aliens you do not know or you are alien to them?

Some icky loathsome moments when someone demonstrates by action that there is something outside your pretty nose. You feel it to remove it, and there you go! It spreads more as it is the gooey stuff that somehow decided to stay on after you bathed, dried and felt yourself to be shiny and squeaky clean. what a blow! and how embarrassing!

So many such uncomfortable moments will mark your life, but as you grow older, the distress it caused you earlier starts to diminish. And you have learned to confront them smartly and you cope with it with ease. Still, sometimes, it comes back, some such crazy moment, and you have pressed “send” to some very important person on an issue that is equally significant, and realise the part that was left unedited had spelling errors. Will it leave you all red in the face? Will you shoot off another mail correcting the errors?

And when ask your grandchild this funny question “Why do you think, little Pia. the strawberry was crying” and she looks puzzled at you, and you yell out triumphantly, “Because it was in a jam!” and you expect her to get into peals of laughter, but she just looks at you with a straight face eyes beckoning you to try harder. So much for some sticky situations and some heavy moments in life. Brings in the cheer and a laugh when you think back. Don’t they?

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