The rattling all around me was unnerving. The people were restless, the air hostesses were running around handing the passengers the oxygen masks. The elderly lady next to me took out a picture of her children, grown and married. She was sobbing uncontrollably. I looked out the window and saw the wings shaking vigorously. The cabin bags flew around, falling out of the overhead spaces. The Captain of the aircraft seemed to be making an announcement, but I could hear that his voice was shaky too.

People around me were clutching to something or each other, death written on everybody’s face. The co-pilot walked in to calm the passengers. No one was listening. We were about forty-five of us in the aircraft.

And then it happened. Wth huge bumps and jerks the plane rashly pulled to a halt, but something did not seem right.The aircraft seemed to have touched base, the engine whirring psychotically.Were the brakes harshly pulled?I do not know, but I was thrown out of the emergency gate, that must have opened. Crash landed! My dizzy head and failing vision could see snow, but I could not feel the chill. Layers of snow was all I could see for miles around me and the shining sun. I could see at least six or more bodies lying lifeless, unmoving, bodies strewn. Others were rushing to help those in need. It seemed as if blood was oozing out from some part of my body, I was hurt, but where? I was numb. And I was cold. There was no time to think about family or what I had set out to do. And as I got up to pick my dear new friend, the elderly lady in the aircraft, I buckled and fell. My legs gave way. I looked up at the sun, beckoning for help, and then the whole world came closing in. I felt as though my heartbeat had stopped.

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