My attempt at writing a scene from the first person point of view and then repeat the same from the point of view of a third person.


Maya rushed into a house filled with boundless aromas of a grand meal being arranged by the culinary artist of the century; my mother. She was a woman with ten hands and ten heads right now. Multi-tasking, multi-thinking, multi-everything. She was throwing a glorious party in their luxurious farm house, in honour of her husband being promoted as the General Manager of Droid Electronics. And her engagement with the city’s rich and famous Jewelers son was to be announced. For Maya, it was a happy and a sad occasion. “What utter uselessness of timing to decide my fate!” She thought. Did they not know about how she idolised, loved and worshipped Jay, their neighbour’s son? And who were they anyway to take this important decision on her behalf?

“Hey! Maya!” How does this look? A puzzled expression on Sarah’s face while inspecting her dry flower arrangement. She had to give this sample to the event planners. Before Maya could reply, there walked in Viv, with long strides, proudly hugged Sarah, his second born, and somehow missed seeing Maya. She made her presence felt, hastily congratulating him on his promotion.

Maya did not see Jay as he walked in the banquet hall,  but just as he addressed her as “a star kid”, her heart skipped a beat, she pretended not to have heard. It was important to stay away from him. She was to plan a way of meeting him and expressing her feelings for him. She knew Sarah too had feelings for Jay and needed to be sure of his mind.

She walked out into the garden in a safe place, among the beautifully manicured garden, looked around and wondered where her destiny lay. Was it doomed to be with someone she did not much know, the match being arranged by her dad, or would it be Jay, the man of her dreams, the only one she loved? She wiped her tears, looked up and cleared her head of all negative thoughts. She had faith, and there was hope in her heart. If she had to fight for what she wanted, so be it.


“ummm! something delicious is happening here!” I shouted atop all the din. Rushing in my parent’s palatial farm house, filled with childhood memories, I felt good as I saw mum.

“Maya! what a surprise! you were not to land in here until tomorrow?” a puzzled expression on mums face, but the joy unmistakable.

A tight hug and off she was, ” Hey Viv, careful there, it took hours for me to come up with this exotic Indian Lamb Vindaloo curry  Veer so eagerly wanted to be a part of the Menu.” She was enviably the most creative cook around town.

Viv the family cook looked up, and with a “Yes madam”, smiled and carefully lay the dish on the side table as partially done.

“Sarah, the flower arrangement looks charming, just like my princess!” pa came in swooped Sarah in a hug and an appreciative proud look in his eyes, unaware of my presence. I looked down sadly, but just for an unnoticed brief moment. and rushed to wish pa and express my joy over being home for the celebrations.Sarah, looked up at me, waiting for some response to the artwork that she had done.

“And look who’s here! Our star kid!” A deep voice from right behind me. I felt if I would turn to look at Jay, I may just cry or maybe my face would declare in capital letters my feelings for the one and only person residing in my heart. My only love.

And so I moved on pretending not to hear his voice, all the better, as pa was to announce my engagement to the only son of his friend, the affluent Jeweller of the city of Bombay.

Mom’s heaven, her kitchen, pa doing well in his job, Sarah, my sister, happy and in love with Jay.  Everything was perfect for everyone, and then there was me. I pitied myself, and I knew that would never last long. I believed in destiny, in time and slowly and assuredly brushed away that lone tear.I had hope, and if I had to fight for what I wanted, I would. Chin up, I walked in to greet jay.

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