Angie, was aware of eyes turn towards her as she walked down the street to the gift shop. “And what may I show you today madam?” the art collector asked her. She was aware that she puzzled him by her weekly appearance. She would buy the most expensive artwork he had and knew he did strenuous hustling to acquire the best collectors spread to show her, only because she paid the price on the tag, rarely bargaining for anything that she bought there. She loved coming here, as she noticed that Sal conducted himself in the most business-like manner, unlike others who almost always got intimidated by her presence. Today too she left with a Pablo Picasso painting of a woman sitting in a garden, which was a copy of the original but done by an artist under Picasso’s supervision, as Sal excitedly explained. “I purchased this with you in mind Madam Angie!”

The expensive house, dressy designer clothes, and all things tasteful came from Alex, the mastermind behind many masked operations, that had ultimately led to him going underground. Angie worked in the cyber law department of the police. She had actually gone to Greece on a holiday with her friends. That is where she came across Alex in a pub where they got friendly. The next few days were a breeze, she did not know how mesmerised she got by him and how crazy he became for her to be by him always. She went underground, did not inform her office and for a year stayed with him. The two madly in love with each other knew it was not something temporary. When she got to know of the cyber crimes he committed and how he laundered money all over the world in various currencies, she knew she had to bring this to an end. Torn between her love and her duties, she took a stand.

Angie came back to resign from her office, not an easy task explaining where she was and now why she had surfaced. Her immediate boss, her confidante and friend, understood the turmoil she was going through and decided to give her a break.

She would often receive his emails. Reading every word, strong emotion would take over all of her being. She remembered the suave Alex often, his expensive perfume transferring into her brain, transporting her to him. They had great times together. His tall masculine gait, the stubble he sported and his intense dark eyes, Oh! Why did he have to be in this ugly trade? Why did she have to be the one to report him? Why did she have to put up an act of still being his girl, when she had already decided that he would soon be caught.

Today, after buying the painting she came upon a plan. She sat pensively sipping tea and decided what her next step would be. After all, all this money that she was spending was exclusively from the account that he had maintained for her, and the one she would use to report about him. She knew where it came from, she had easily got through to his system.

She would use her police identification, sell all of his gifts, including the house, it would be so painful, she could not bear the pain the thought caused her. Every article here was bought with him and his tastes in mind. Somewhere in her mind, deep inside, she had not trusted herself, she may have gone back to him, back to her love and happiness. But her decision was made, she would deposit the money back into the accounts that it came from, and be gone from his life forever.

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