This story is my continuation to Gone With The Wind, with a new character in it, Akinrav, Scarlett and Rhett Butlers adopted child.

Akinrav is what I called myself. My mum accepted it, so would the world. The name did not mean anything, all the better I would think.

“Hey mum, did you see Marcelo today?” I need to meet up with him soon”

“What in the world do you want to meet him for Akin “? Asked Scarlett.

“I just need to…”

All I wanted was to be here at the estate and keep it as ours. I knew marrying the local landholder’s son, Marcelo, would make all the difference. He was handsome too, and I was obsessed with making him mine. He did have a clear attraction for me but I needed to be sure and I had to have this alliance work. He came in often to the estate, as he provided us with the labour, a side business that kept him busy.

We had moved from The USA to India. Mother had sold Tara, gained a considerable amount of profit and chose to make India her home. She bought a coffee estate in a beautiful part of the country, green, hilly, cool and quiet, called Conoor. She was the boss as always, and Rhett my dad was happy to be by her. After their reconciliation, he stopped being worried about gaining mother’s attention or love. He knew it was there, actually from the day he left Tara and mother to go away forever. It was not forever, Mum knew that. I was their adopted child, loved dearly and cared for.

“So did he come in today? Mum you do have to invite him over more often if I have to marry him”

“And what would we be celebrating dear?” Mum sounded amused.

“Oh , Just twenty happy years in India”?

Mother considered the proposal, and ran her frail yet strong hands in her golden hair. She was getting old and needed a strong helping hand. Rhett was involved with the local politics and was a respected councillor in the county. He was one rare foreigner in the area to be respected, and he regarded it.

“Yes, possible”, she said and began to look into the process. We discussed the guest list and just as we were deliberating on the menu, the steward announced Marcelo’s presence.

My heart skipped a beat. I had to look presentable, something that I had taken after mother. I rushed in to brush my unruly hair, wear colour on my lips, pinch my cheeks and wear something that complimented my slim, shapely figure.

“Hi! what brings you here Marcelo?” I asked coyly.

“Hello Mrs.Buttler, hey Akinrav, I dropped by to wish you a goodbye, as I am leaving for the Stanford University to pursue my business studies for the next two years”.

Oh! the chaos in my heart! I felt tormented and the pandemonium in me was indescribable. I felt too sad to think about it today, but I would tomorrow, after all, tomorrow is another day.”

….to be continued

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