balletLia was a determined and happy kid. She was born to a couple who embodied the meaning of commitment and true friendship. She was the older of two children. Responsible and fun loving, as she grew older she became aware of the financial crunch her family was facing. With her father’s advancing age and ill health, and her mother staying busy with family and work, making two ends meet was proving to be difficult. ” I need to help my family”, she told herself. She started to take Math and Science tuitions, which brought in the money, but inside she craved to learn ballet.”Oh! how I wish I could be a ballet dancer! ” She exclaimed to her ma one evening. She was fifteen years old and wondered if she could start learning now. “You will never know till you don’t try”! Is what she told herself.
She rushed to instruct children in a Science Academy after college and then started taking classes in ballet. She was strong, healthy and had a very flexible body. Lia found a good studio to learn, and also a trainer who had faith that she would be able to make it , even if she started to learn this late. The first few classes were a disaster, but she held her ground. Tenacious and steadfast that she was, she did not lose hope. She knew it was a late start, so she worked harder, giving it better than her best. There were times she would be so exhausted that she would miss dinner and drop off to sleep. Only to rush off to college again. Between college, and keeping up with assignments, teaching and then hastily rushing to learn her favorite dance form, Lia was one busy young lady. She was ignoring her health, and it started to show. Her parents were worried for her. But Lia had just begun to pick up the dance, became even more flexible, and she could even do splits!! She would not leave it for anything in the world. It was her dream to perform solo as well as in a group.

And then it happened. The week before her solo performance, Lia, while practicing her pointe steps, she fell down unconscious! Her trainer and group mates rushed to her, and when she did not recover soon enough, they rushed her to the hospital. It was her kidney! She was in a comatose state when she heard the doctor solemn voice, ” I am sorry ma’am, but Lia has maybe just a day to live! Her kidney is failing!”. Her parents, panicky and afraid, could not believe their ears! She only had a day to live? Unbelievable! Lying almost like dead on the hospital bed, Lia could hear all and found it difficult to even conceive this thought. Her inner strength and grit did not let her stay there in this state for long. She soon came out of her coma, to another piece of news that was waiting for her as if to complete the process of a wreck.

The doctors strictly forbade her to dance, as that would surely ring her death knell. They had gotten her out of a very critical state, where she was almost pronounced dead. They could not risk allowing her to dance for her living. Lia continued to take tuitions but then knew that it was a matter of time when she would be up and about again, living her dream.

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