Jojo, the restless kid in class, wanted to impress Misha so bad. He was good in studies,he was known as the guy with a superb memory.But Misha would just not look his way.He did not know why.  It could be because he stammered. But he was trying, so hard to set it right. At home, he would pretend to chat with her over the phone. She was his best friend, but only in his mind. He would talk about her to his mother ever so often.His mother was not very happy  the way things were developing. She felt Jojo was caged in his own thoughts, and needed to get to know and talk to Misha. She tried to make friends with Misha’s mother but was not very successful.

Jojo knew he could not trick himself into believing that Misha even cared for him in any way. He decided that it was time to act. He was aware that Misha was fond of following the school football matches. He started to come every evening to school evening camps to practice football. Soon he became quite a pro at it. His friends were so happy for him. They said that he was as swift as a tiger when defending. They realized that he also was superb at goalkeeping. He chose where he wanted to fit himself in any match.It made him ecstatic. And the best part was that he even started to get better with his speech. He stammered much less. The confidence his game brought in him probably made him forget his weaknesses.

And the day arrived.The school football match semi-finals! It was one of the most memorable days in the school, and more so for Jojo. He became known as one of the rising stars of football that day. He defended beautifully.  Misha not only came and congratulated him, she also asked him if he could clear some doubts in Maths. A start of a beautiful friendship. Jojo could just explode with happiness that day. But he kept his cool. Welcome aboard Misha, he thought to himself and smiled.

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