POW POW!! Thwack!! bam, bang, biff , bwok!! and here goes, clobber clobber clobber!!! Thud!! Tammy fell down with a loud sound, and after all the clobbering, he did not think that he would be able to get up and be able to fight back. But just then Vi’s beautiful face came in front of him, and as if he heard her saying, Tammy! Get up! You cannot let go! Tammy was not afraid, least of all of Arvin. Nor was he distressed of falling down and getting hurt. For he was no faint-hearted person. The physical hurt was nothing compared to what he felt when Arvin bad mouthed Vi. How could he ever call her a slut! How could he have called her such horrible names? Vi was Tammy’s sweetheart, his love, and his life. They had known each other from college. Her mother was a pole dancer. And the man would have been her father if the couples friendship would have conjugated into marriage. Only that he decided to walk out on her mother leaving her to fend for herself and her daughter whom she loved with all her heart and soul. Vi was a beautiful person inside out. Her dream to be a doctor was erased suddenly when she could not survive the motorcycle accident, that she met one fateful day. Just as destiny would have it, Tammy was with her, she had insisted that she wanted to ride the bike. How he cursed himself for allowing her to jaunt along happily, not knowing that this first attempt would be her last ! It would never ever end, these heartbreaking thoughts. He wondered what karma he was facing. Whatever it was, he would never forget her or stop loving her.

So here he was, up again, and with one final punch, that fell heavy on Arvin, who tumbled down, and decided not to continue with the fight as friends from both sides demanded an end to this illogical brawl. Vi wasn’t even alive! Nursing their wounds, both turned their backs on each other, probably never to see each other again. Tammy was rushed to the hospital, and with some heavy blows inflicted on him, he needed some serious attention. And there he was, at the doc, who seemed to be a good-humoured fellow and keenly  heard out Tammy’s woes. He downplayed it so that Tammy, whom he knew was more broken inside than outside. He cracked jokes, made Tammy laugh, gave him a sedative and kept him under observation for a day in the hospital. Tammy’s parents, were there, all the while, by his side, sad about his condition. But confident that time would heal all.

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